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Date: Sun, Mar 22, 1998, 6:43pm
Subject: The Circus is in Town!

Dear Mary & Bill,

Guess what?! The circus is in town! And I just know how much you and the kids love the circus. I kinda love it myself.

Gee, just thinking about it brings back so many memories. The last time I've been to the circus, was when my parents took me for my 12th birthday.

I'll never forget all the fun I had that day! I think my favorite part about the circus was all those clowns. I kinda enjoyed the popcorn and peanuts too!

Anyway...the circus is only going to be here for this weekend only. So what do you say we all go and have a great time! I think we'll have alot of fun.

Well, I have to be going now. I have to go to PathMark and do some grocery shoping. Let me know about the circus.