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This section is for those users who have their own home page. If you don't have one, you can get one free. I recommend either Tripod or Geocities. I personally find Tripod the easiest.

What is a Transloader?

Without getting technical, the Transloader is an ingenious way for non-pc users to up-load files to their home page directory. It's an essential tool for re-naming and storing your audio/video captures.

The beauty of this is that when you use a file from your own page, you are not linking to anyone else. In addition, you can also re-name a file to anything you want.

Here's how it's done:

Let's say you come accross the url for an image that you want to use, like this one: /wtvlogo.gif"

The first thing you would do is click on it. The image is displayed. Now, hit your go to key and type in:

You will be taken to the Transloader page. Here's how to use it:

Scroll down until you see Last Visited URL. The box should already be filled in.

The following five items must be filled in:

  1. Source URL: Click on the blue teardrop or manually write the url of the image in the box.

  2. Rename To: Rename it to whatever you want. Images must end in .gif or .jpg Example: logo.gif

  3. Target FTP Server: For Tripod, use For Geocities, use

  4. Target Account Name: Fill in the account name of your home page.

  5. Target Account Password: Fill in the account password of your home page.

Now, scroll down until you see a button marked

Click on it and follow the directions from there. Once you've hit the zap button, you're done. You're image is now stored in your home page directory. You can use it in your e-mail or on your home page.

Think you've got it? Try it with the url for the webtv logo gif above. Remember, click on it...and go right to the transoader.