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This section shows how to add a background color or background image to your e-mail. The tag used for this is <BODY>. It can also be used to change the color of your text in your e-mail. It should be written after the opening <HTML> tag.

Background Color

To place a solid color background in your e-mail, use the bgcolor attribute and the colorname value in the <BODY> tag like this:

<BODY bgcolor=purple>

For a color chart that you can use Click Here

Background Images

This is a background image. It is made up of a photo or cg graphics and fills the entire background of your e-mail. Backgrounds, can either be in the form of a gif or jpg, and have url's, just like web addresses. When selecting a background image to use, you are actually linking to the server in which it is located.

To place a background image in your e-mail, use the Background attribute and URL value, in the <BODY> tag. Here's an example:

<BODY background="">

Want to see what it looks like? Click Here!

Please Note: To have your background cover your entire e-mail, regardless of how much you write, you must place the code in your signature.

Text Color

To change the color of your text use the text attribute and the colorname value in the <BODY> tag, like this:

<BODY text=white>

The text attribute can be used in the <BODY> tag with either the bgcolor or background attributes, allowing you to change the background and text color, like this:

<BODY bgcolor=green text=white>

Here's a few backgrounds to get you started:







To use the above backgrounds in your e-mail, use this URL:

Just put in the name of the background you want to use after the last (/) slash, like this:

<BODY background="">

You can find these backgrounds and more at:

Practice it here!