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There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to html. Many are overly technical and complicated while others, are geared toward those who are interested in creating a home page.

Many webtv users have no desire to create their own website and may only be interested in simply adding a background or image to their e-mail or signature.

This mini tutorial is written exclusively for webtv users who are only interested in learning the basics about html. It offers the user easy to understand instruction, complete with step by step examples, presented in a non-technical manner.

This tutorial is broken into sections. They are indexed in the table below. Just click on the section you want to go to. If you are new to html, it is recomended that you start with The Basics.

Please Note: The pages contained in this web site are optimized for webtv viewing and may appear incorrectly formated or may not be fully readable by some web browsers.

The Basics
An introduction to html and an explanation of tags and their uses.
Writing Style
Examples of the most common tags. Includes font and marquee tags.
This section shows how to put images in your e-mail.
This section shows how you can put a background in your e-mail.
This section shows how to put sound files in your e-mail.
Links In E-Mail
This section shows how to put a link in your e-mail.
This section shows how to set up an e-mail signature.
Common Mistakes
Still can't get your html to work? Find out why, here!
Other Pages
Links to other html related pages.

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WebTv Users Poll Which webtv do you own?

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